Friday, January 12, 2007

Our Review of Rio Grande in Richmond

our family went to The restaurant at Rio Grande.  We got
bad service, here is what happened.
We got the salsa and chips but the salsa is not kid friendly
its hot...(spicy) They do not have
a mild one so we asked for cheese sauce the waiter did not
inform us itwould cost $4.50 for a little
cup of it.Then we ordered a kids meal for my son with sprite...
the waiter charged us an adult size drink
for the kids meal.
The food was good but the waiter got lost after they
dropped the check off. Funny how that happens.
Summary "food was good,, beware of the overcharges and the
he salsa is too hot for children"

I tried to call the restaurant more than 5 times but
the phone number on the receipt is wrong. I called the
home office and I left messages to date we have not
spoken to a live person.

1 comment:

PRIguy said...

You wanted free cheese sauce because your kid didn't like the salsa? Why would you think it would be free? Just because the salsa is? Cheese costs much more.

Your whole posts screams, "I'm a penny-pinching tightwad!" How much more could an adult beverage cost? Cheese isn't free. We got bad service. Boo hoo. My guess is you stiffed the poor waiter on the tip too. It sounds like you're looking a freebie because you got your panties in a bunch because your kid can't handle a little spice.

Also, you called and called to complain, but got no answer. Why didn't you just go back to the restaurant and voice your concerns? I can assure you this: you'll always get terrible service if you go there again because you've been pegged as a whiner and a bad tipper. All over free cheese. You're a putz.